2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date, Redesign, Specs

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date, Redesign, Specs – With so many contenders in the midsize SUV market, it’s no wonder that the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid is a popular choice. When it comes to the Pilot’s performance, it has never disappointed, but its design has never impressed us, and the 2023 model is no exception: it seems drooping in comparison to its rivals.

All models come standard with a 2.8-liter V6 engine and a nine-speed automatic gearbox, so the car’s dull exterior hides its powerful engine and quick acceleration. The Honda Pilot comes in a wide selection of trim levels, making it easy to choose the perfect model for your needs.

A large variety of pre-installed features are available. Even though the Pilot’s higher trim levels have some excellent features, it still falls short of the Kia Telluride in terms of essential equipment.

2023 Honda Pilot Exterior
2023 Honda Pilot Exterior

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Exterior

The 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid‘s design, which we believe is one of the car’s main problems, needs a reinvention, but we don’t know where to start. Even though it offers decent basic comforts and competitive fuel economy, the Pilot stays faithful to Honda history by opting for a traditional design over more contemporary ones.

The Kia Telluride is a far more appealing alternative to the Pilot’s uninspiring appearance and wagon-like side profile. The Pilot may be customized with black alloy wheels as part of a Special Edition option. However, we’re not convinced despite the Honda Pilot Black Edition’s improved features.

Standard on all models is a set of lightweight LED headlights and foglights. It is standard for all variants to have a power moonroof and tailgate (hands-free above the EX-L level). Wheel diameters vary from 18 to 20 inches, depending on the trim. On higher-end variants, panoramic roofs are available.


The inside of the 2023 Honda Pilot is nothing special. Furthermore, the Pilot’s low ride height and wide-opening doors make getting in and out of the car a breeze. You’ll be greeted by a clean and orderly environment when you enter. The arrangement was designed with the needs of a family in mind, and there’s plenty of space for everyone.

2023 Honda Pilot Interior
2023 Honda Pilot Interior

A quality vibe penetrates the cabin despite its lack of grandeur, a Honda hallmark. Your visibility will significantly increase if you opt to sit at the front of the vehicle at a high altitude. A sunroof or a panoramic roof on every automobile brightens the usually dark interior. Even though it is tedious at times, the overall effort is laudable. But the high quality compensates for it.


The Honda Pilot will be a dependable workhorse for families in the suburbs and use it to pick up youngsters from school, drive to the grocery store, and go on long family vacations. Honda’s solution to this problem is a strong, naturally aspirated engine coupled with a high-performance automatic transmission.

The naturally aspirated V6 3.5 generates 276 lb-feet of torque that can be routed to either the front or all four rotations with a nine-speed automated transmission. The engine offers a lot of low-end torque when it comes to power, but it’s also eager to crank up the RPMs. We didn’t mind that the transmission was a little chaotic at times.

2023 Honda Pilot Release Date
2023 Honda Pilot Release Date

2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid Release Date and Price

The Kia Telluride and Toyota Highlander are both more costly crossovers than the Honda Pilot when compared side by side. To compete with its competitors’ base models, which start at about $30,000, it must wait until the new basic model is released. The EX-L version of the 2023 Honda Pilot Hybrid starts at $39,060. A $1,225 destination fee for the Honda Pilot is not included in the rates mentioned above. After that, there is a $39,660 “Special Edition.” It is priced at $43,620 for the touring model and $49,120 for the elite variant. The most costly model is the Black Edition, which costs $50,620. All-wheel drive on the Honda Pilot costs $2,000 more than front-wheel drive.