2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Changes, Electric, Models

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Changes, Electric, Models – While crossovers and SUVs have had a substantial influence on sedan and hatchback sales in the United States, we frequently overlook that minivan sales have decreased. The Grand Caravan was a strong force in the 1990s, but it has devolved into a pale replica of its former self, allowing the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid and Chrysler Pacifica to thrive.

On the other hand, is the minivan a viable alternative? For example, the Odyssey is a self-assured car in its identity and makes no attempt to disguise itself. Through a succession of changes, most notably the minivan, Honda has maintained a competitive edge.

The first cycle began in July 2024 for model years 2024 and 2025 and concluded in January 2024 for model years 2024 and 2025. The 3.5-liter V6 engine stays the same under the hood, making 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque, but the specs have been updated.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Redesign
2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Redesign

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Redesign

The Dodge Grand Caravan became obsolete from our perspective when its manufacturer discontinued operations. Isn’t there a limitation to how broadly a box can do? At the very least, the Odyssey demonstrates Honda’s promise on the outside. This is what the 2024 updates looked like. They changed the front end and front bumper, changed the headlights, and added new black trim below the back window.

The new swoon grille and chrome ribbon give the front end an aggressive look, while the stunning side profile. Although the standard wheel diameter is 18 inches, higher-end models include 19-inch alloy wheels covering the arches entirely. All versions come equipped with LED headlights and daytime running lights. Begin with the EX.

2024 Honda Pilot Interior
2024 Honda Pilot Interior


While the cabin of the 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid lacks an air of occasion, it is well designed. There are notable upgrades to the digital instrument cluster and ambient lighting around the center console. Honda, in the different writing, prioritizes interior room and long-term reliability.

Whether the model is made of cloth or leather, it should appear to be well-crafted. The vehicle is securely fastened, and the inside plastics are first-rate. Rattling is a genuine possibility in a car with this many seats. The absence of rattles demonstrates Honda’s robust standards.

While the LX is a seven-seater, the remainder of the series features typical eight-seat configurations. The Honda Odyssey’s eight seats are unquestionably the best option if you’re going in a large group. This EX model comes equipped with heated front seats. Adults would be comfortable in the third row because of the substantial head and legroom. For the LX and EX versions, the front, center, and rear headroom measurements are 40.7/39.5/38.3 inches, respectively.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Engine

The 2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid initial attempt in the armor is a shortage of engine options. On the other hand, Honda’s 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine, which produces 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque, is a thrill to drive.

This minivan never seems underpowered, which is to be expected from a company with a long history of developing some of the best non-turbo engines in the business. It offers many cities and highway travel capacities, even with eight people.

Similarly, the ten-speed transmission is perfect. Due to the gearbox’s wide ratio range, it can extract the most power from the engine in every situation. It quickly comes to a complete stop and is highly efficient at higher speeds.

One of our key criticisms is the absence of a hybrid engine in the car. The Pacifica and Sienna trim levels now offer hybrid vehicles. Because hybrids are well-suited for city driving and minivans spend most of their time doing so, this is a no-brainer.

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Price
2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Price

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid Release Date and Price

2024 Honda Odyssey Hybrid lineup begins at $32,090, which is an incredible value. The base EX trim level is $35,490, while the EX-L trim level is $38,760. The tour model is the most costly, costing $42,800, while the elite model costs $47,820. Honda’s destination fee of $1,175 is not included in these prices.