New 2024 Honda Civic Sport, Engine, Models

New 2024 Honda Civic Sport, Engine, Models – The Honda Civic Sport’s sportier sibling, the Civic Sport, borrows many of its sedan’s characteristics. You’ll get more than just a display car with the Civic Sport. A 174-horsepower turbocharged engine is also an option for the Sport. Due to this, the backseats are challenging to get into and out of, and the headroom is quite restricted.

Comfortable seats and a wide range of amenities make this plane ideal for most travelers. It’s hard to argue that the BMW 2 Series Sport is a more glitzy (and more expensive) interpretation of the small sports concept car than the Toyota 86, which focuses on driving fun. There are few, if any, direct competitors. Since the Civic Sedan’s extra functionality isn’t necessary for most buyers, the Civic Sport is a viable alternative.

2024 Honda Civic Sport Interior
2024 Honda Civic Sport Interior

New 2024 Honda Civic Sport Exterior

When it comes to today’s generation, the Sport version of the 2024 Honda Civic Sport is a clear standout. This Sport has a diverse range of aesthetic elements and sizes. All variants are available with 16-, 17-, or 18-inch wheels. Wheels with gloss black inlays are included as standard equipment on the Sport. Common features include projector-beam halogen headlights with auto-on/off functionality and integrated LED light bars. The EX and Touring trims come standard with one-touch power moonroofs, while the Touring model has LED headlights as an option.

For $1,850, black and blue fashion packs may be added to the touring trim. Despite having the same wheelbase of 106.3 inches, the Civic Sport is faster than the Civic Sedan due to its shorter total length of 177.3 inches. In terms of size, it is 70.9 cm wide by 54.9 cm high. The Touring model weighs 2,937 pounds, while the LX model weighs 2,763. As far as turn-by-turn agility goes, no vehicle can equal Sports.


Only two of the five seats in the Civic Sport are pleasantly supportive. This is because the vehicle’s backseat is so tiny. Despite its more trendy appearance, the Sport would have to make compromises regarding performance. Compared to this vehicle’s front door, which is larger and heavier, the sedan’s front door is a lot easier to open and shut. You’ll need to twist and twiddle your way into the trunk of the car. The first row’s well-padded seats give plenty of head and legroom. Anyone taller than six feet will, however, find insufficient headroom in the back of the vehicle.

2024 Honda Civic Sport Interior
2024 Honda Civic Sport Interior

The trunk of the 2024 Honda Civic Sport is much smaller than that of the Civic Sedan due to the Civic Sport’s shorter rear end. The LX and Sport have 12.1 cubic feet of space, while the EX and Touring versions have 11.9 cubic feet. If you want to entertain in some light athletic activity, plenty of room is available. The Subaru BRZ’s trunk has a volume of 6.9 cubic feet. To maximize cargo space, the rear seats are split 60/40. Also featured are a center console, cupholders, and door pockets.


There are two engines in the Honda Civic Sport and Sport trims: a 2.0-liter normally aspirated four-cylinder that produces 162 pound-feet of torque and a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 174 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque. All but the Sport have a six-speed manual transmission; the Sport has a CVT.

The turbo-four beats the 2.0-liter in highway acceleration time, clocking in at under seven seconds. The Civic Sport would have been a great car if it had had a six-speed manual transmission, but its more powerful engine is incompatible. Although the Civic’s CVT boosts the economy, it also increases the car’s noise output.

2024 Honda Civic Sport Release Date
2024 Honda Civic Sport Release Date
New 2024 Honda Civic Sport Release Date and Price

Starting at $20,950, the 2024 Honda Civic Sport is available. It costs more than the EX ($23,000) and Sport ($21,750) at $27,150. It costs $800 to upgrade from a manual transmission to a CVT. In terms of price, you won’t find it.