New 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid, Horsepower, Specs

New 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid, Horsepower, Specs – The Honda HRV is a one-of-a-kind mini-crossover. Honda’s Magic Seats changed the utilization of compact vehicles throughout the previous two decades. The first-generation Fit’s more roomy interior and HRV crossover, which Nissan hoped to deploy in 2016, led Nissan to install Magic Seat in as many cars as practical. The outstanding performance of the Fit and its aggressive, substantial design worked nicely together.

This decision was obvious, given how popular crossovers are with families. Honda engineers did an excellent job with the HRV’s impressive passenger and cargo space. On the other hand, driving this car was a terrible experience. An engine of 141 horsepower is incorporated into the 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid. This car is difficult to navigate because of the CVT transmission and the engine above Honda. As of 2019, the HRV hasn’t altered at all.

2024 Honda HRV Exterior
2024 Honda HRV Exterior

New 2024 Honda HRV  Exterior

Due to its obviousness, HRV is not necessarily a bad thing. The design and size are also traditional Honda traits. New alloy wheels and privacy glass may be visible on some Sport variants. In 2024, only one Honda HRV Sport will be available with 18-inch matte black alloy wheels: this one. All other models are anticipated to come standard with 17-inch silver-painted alloy wheels.

The short wheelbase of the 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid may surprise some because of its significant luggage and passenger capacity. The Sport with a 170.4-inch wheelbase may be recognized from the other three Sport models. Compared to other models, the 70.5-inch width sets this one apart from the others. Every sample in the lineup comes standard with halogen projector headlights, LED brake lights, and daytime running lights.


Like the HRV’s drivetrain, there is nothing new about the HRV’s cabin. It’s a good arrangement, even if it’s not as crazy as Kia’s Soul or Hyundai’s Kona models. These garments are made from only the finest soft-touch materials to ensure maximum comfort. The remainder of the cabin is lined with durable gray plastic. This building appears to have a long life expectancy, despite its appearance. The Honda Magic Seat design is standard on all models, including the entry-level ones. Even if this isn’t the primary reason for purchasing HRVs, it’s still a factor.

2024 Honda HRV Interior
2024 Honda HRV Interior

However, the inside of the house is everything but humble. Because of the HRV’s second-row adult seats, it can accommodate five people. 41.2 inches of legroom and 39.5 inches of headroom are provided for front-seat occupants. Passengers in the second row enjoy 38.3-inch headroom and 39.3-inch legroom. Because of this, the back passengers of the Hyundai Kona only get 35.2 inches of legroom. There is less room in the Kona’s cabin, but it is more pleasant to drive and handle.

New 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid Engine

The HRV can only be powered by one type of engine. The normally aspirated 4-cylinder engine in this car produces 140 hp and 127 lb-ft of torque. CVT gears can deliver power to either the front or all four wheels, depending on the vehicle type. CVTs may operate effectively in metropolitan areas and on highways at higher speeds. The most significant disadvantage of an automatic gearbox is the additional time it takes to accelerate.

The CVT is irritated by sudden acceleration. To put the CVT under stress, consider adding another car or taking a shortcut to the interstate; the engine‘s speed and noise level rise as you increase the throttle. The vehicle must be revved up to maximum speed to get the job done. The loudness and rotation of the sound may require a change in the vehicle’s speed. Many cars with CVTs have the same problem.

2024 Honda HRV Release Date
2024 Honda HRV Release Date

New 2024 Honda HRV  Release Date and Price

The New 2024 Honda HRV Hybrid with front-wheel drive is the least expensive model. There is a $200 difference between this year’s MSRP model and next year’s MSRP. The vehicle’s impressive features are included in its Sport trim level, costing $23,370. Modern safety measures are included in the EX model’s $24,620 price tag. You’ll have to shell out an additional $26,220 for a vehicle with leather inside. The HRV is available with an all-wheel-drive option for $1,500 more than the standard model. Regarding the “destination” price, Honda vehicles cost $1,225 each.