New 2024 Honda Odyssey EX Models, Redesign, Price

New 2024 Honda Odyssey EX Models, Redesign, Price – Although crossovers and SUVs have considerably impacted minivan sales, this is sometimes overlooked. Dodge discontinued the Grand Caravan in the early 1990s, and the 2024 Honda Odyssey EX and Chrysler Pacifica were introduced to replace it. However, the importance of these minivans has diminished. The original model’s departure created a hole that other models could fill. We’re searching for a confident car in its abilities and doesn’t try to be something it’s not.

The new minivan from Honda is part of the automaker’s continued endeavor to remain competitive. There were two releases that year: one in July for the 2024 model and one in January for the 2024 model. Mechanically, the 2017 GMC Yukon is almost the same as last year’s model, except for a few changes to the car’s specifications.

2024 Honda Odyssey Exterior
2024 Honda Odyssey Exterior

New 2024 Honda Odyssey EX Exterior

We feel the Dodge Grand Caravan is obsolete because the company decided to stop production. What is the definition of a box? In response to this projection, the 2024 Honda Odyssey EX is, at the very least, eye-catching. To mark the arrival of the 2024 model year, a new grille and bumper were launched, along with restyled headlights and a black accent beneath the back window.

The new unconscious grille and chrome ribbon give the front a more aggressive appearance, while the side profile is beautiful. The most costly versions’ wheel arches may accommodate a 19-inch alloy. All versions come standard with LED headlights, daytime running lights, and fog lights. LED fog lights have been added to the EX and higher models.


Even if there isn’t a feeling of occasion, the 2024 Honda Odyssey EX‘s cabin is beautiful. In addition to the room’s general illumination, the central console and digital instrument cluster are well-lit. Space and sturdiness are two of Honda’s strongest suits.

Even if it’s composed of fabric or leather, the model makes a lasting impression—fasteners and materials of the highest quality. The absence of rattling implies that Honda goods are of the highest quality. There’s a strong likelihood that the car will shake if there are this many people.

2024 Honda Odyssey Interior
2024 Honda Odyssey Interior

The LX, unlike the rest of the fleet, has a maximum capacity of seven people. A Honda Odyssey with eight seats is the obvious choice for transporting larger parties. I like the EX’s heated seats. Third-row passengers will have plenty of legroom and headroom.

All models’ legroom is 40.9/40.9/38.1 inches. The LX and EX had 40.7/39.5/38.3 inches of headroom in the front, middle, and rear, respectively. The sunroof installation lowers the overall height to 38.7/39.5/38.5/38.3 inches, allowing for more abundant interior trim choices.


Due to the absence of options, a chink has emerged in the Odyssey EX armor. When a company’s reputation is built on building the most excellent non-turbo engines in the industry, it’s reasonable to expect nothing less from them. The V6 engine is naturally aspirated and generates 276 lb-ft of torque to make the Honda Accord even more enjoyable to drive.

This vehicle offers ample space for city and highway travel with eight passengers. The transmission and gearbox are in excellent condition. You can get the most from any engine, no matter the driving circumstances. As it speeds up, it becomes more dependable and efficient. One of our pet peeves is the scarcity of a hybrid powertrain. Hybrid powertrains are now available for the Pacifica and Sienna. Electric-hybrid minivans make sense.

2024 Honda Odyssey Release Date
2024 Honda Odyssey Release Date

New 2024 Honda Odyssey EX Release Date and Price

The 2024 Honda Odyssey EX has a starting price of $32,090. It commands $35,490 for the base EX model and $38,760 for the top-of-the-line EX-L. The Honda delivery fee of $1,175 is not included in the price. In terms of pricing, touring is the cheapest, while the elite is the priciest, clocking in at $48,820.